I am amused.


I am going to tell you a cute little story about my Granny. She has been sick. You know the elderly are not feeling well when they want to go to the ER.

When she got home, my Uncle (her oldest child) called to check on her. She lets him know that they gave her a few prescriptions. No pneumonia. She was given the OK to head home, see her PCP ASAP. OH, and that she has Herpes.

This is where the questions start:


‘I have some sores in my nose and mouth.’


‘The doctor let me know that herpes is spread from people that don’t wash there hands OR from oral and anal sex.’

‘Where would you have been exposed?’

‘The park on Easter.’


‘I sat on a bench. Somebody must have had oral and anal sex on that bench.’

‘Well, crap. I guess we need to take bleach whips with us the next time we go to the park. No saying where people are having sex.’


I am concerned. Over lots to areas of the conversation. Why would a doctor tell my 83 year old grandmother that the cold sores she had were herpes OR why my sweet 65 year old uncle didn’t know any better. Getting cold sores in your nose from anal sex on a park bench is like slipping on a toilet seat and getting p


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