I am unprepared.

I feel like a ship right now. 

Like I am lost at sea. 

Right in the middle of a storm. 

Currently in radio silence. I have no idea what lies ahead. Unsure if I am still on course. Not knowing if I have been through the worst of the storm yet or if there are rough seas ahead. 

I have sent out S.O.S.’s but I don’t know if anyone has heard them. 

My ship has been damaged​. I’m not sure how much more it can take. Hope that it can get me home. 

In the distance I see a break in the clouds. A small beam of light breaks through the storm clouds. Unsure how much further I will have to endure the rough waters to reach the sun. Hopeful that I can get there soon and in one piece. 

My crew is small. They are trying very hard to get me back. Feeling EVERYTHING that I am going through, they have been working hard to get us all there. I don’t think I can make it back safely without all of the hard work they have done. I have an incredible crew. 

I am hopeful. 

And terrified. 


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