I am a dork

I feel like a dork. For the last few years, Hubby and I have been arguing … Maybe not arguing, just not agreeing on when we went on our first date. We both have different dates in our memories. SO to make it fair, we just decided that this week is our anniversary.

Seven years ago, this really cute boy was a pain in the butt. I went over to his house to  see if he had a staple gun to hang over my windows. After he found the staple gun for me, I ASKED if he wanted to go grab some lunch with me. He said that he couldn’t, he had to go to Denver for work. It was 11 am. Ask when he is leaving, he said tomorrow. Hmm. I asked if he still had to pack, he said he was ready to go. :::sigh:::: I asked if maybe he wanted to grab something when he got back, he said he’d call. I asked if maybe he’d need my phone number. Geez.

I was pretty sure this was a blow off.

I would say about 30 hours later he called. He was only in Denver for a day. Men. We agree on a local Mexican restaurant and to meet up at 7 pm. We both show up early, so we head in. Sweet man that he is, was so nervous that he couldn’t eat. Being the sweet chick I am, I somewhat tortured him. Dinner was nice, and we headed out.

Standing between our vehicles, we talk. And talk. And TALK. Being a chilly October day to begin with, this evening was cold. The temperature dropped drastically. Nearly 40 degrees. Future Hubby was not wearing a coat, because he was a bonehead, me in my favorite Raiders hoodie. WE were not properly dressed for this.

Did we get into on of our cars? No. Did we think about heading to Village Inn or Denny’s? Nope. Did I mention that we lived FEET from each other, and heading to one of our houses never crossed our minds?! We are pretty people, not smart ones.

Well after midnight, we finally head home. I was super glad that I have left the heater on. Chilled to the bone doesn’t even begin to describe i .t. I put on fuzzy socks, sweat pants and a long sleeved shirt under my hoodie before crawling into bed. Under three blankets/

Then the sweetest thing happened. My phone rang. 1 am and someone is calling?! Cold, tired and annoyed I answer. It was the future Hubby. He called to tell me that he had a nice time, wanted to see what I was doing that evening and to tell me good night. He even told me a bed time story.

Since that moment, the love I feel for this man just gets stronger. Wonderful doesn’t even begin to describe it. Loving, compassionate, funny. He has been my best friend for seven years, my husband nearly just as long. Care giver when needed, Doctor more than once. Shoulder to cry one and a rock when I needed him to be.

I wish I could say that I was lucky to have him in my life, but it would not be true. Blessed to he a part of his world. IT is a colorful place, full of craziness and shenanigans. IT is loving and passionate place. He has intelligence beyond anything I could imagine, is supportive in any and everything I could want or need.

There are not enough words to show how I feel. Just that I think my lucky stars for a cute guy that just happened to have a staple gun.

That he still hasn’t got back.



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