I am immature


Ok. I feel like at my age I should have some level of maturity. BUT when I see the word butte, I turn into a 13 old boy. In my head it says BUTT. Recently I was looking into travel to South Dakota, I noticed that there were a lot of buttes with completely inappropriate names. I will share a few of my fave with you:

  • A BUTTE – yes, it is.


  • Ambulance BUTTE – this one can go.


  • Bald BUTTE – better than a hairy one.


  • Bare BUTTE – Is that a bad one?


  • Big BUTTE – it can not lie.


  • Black BUTTE – I wish.


  • Burnt BUTTE – was it cooked too long?


  • Camel BUTTE – umm… is that like a reverse camel toe?


  • Camels HUMP BUTTE – they want to do what?!


  • Chocolate BUTTE – with whip cream and cherry on top.


  • Cow BUTTE – Not sure if you should look at that heifer like that …


  • Devils BUTTE – The things people would do for this one.


  • Flattop BUTTE – like old people.


  • FOREMAN BUTTE – lots of cracks and a shallow valley.


  • Hay BUTTE – HEY YOU!


  • Hungry man BUTTE – Prison stories.


  • Jackrabbit BUTTE – Sad, sad quick one.


  • Little BUTTE – Just a little bump.


  • Lone BUTTE – How many should you have?


  • Long BUTTE – OLD mom one.


  • Lookout BUTTE – Should I be scared?!


  • North Star BUTTE – A girl can dream of that kind, that thousands follow.


  • Old man Dancing BUTTE – yuck.


  • Pretty BUTTE – Thanks 😉


  • Ragged BUTTE – Where to go on this one?


  • Red BUTTE – only if you’re bad …


  • Robbers BUTTE – Funny, I have no comment on this one.


  • Rocky BUTTE –  is that like a lumpy one?


  • Smoky BUTTE – that’s hot.


  • Sugarloaf BUTTE – My prison nickname.


  • Teepee BUTTE – That is a rough one.


  • Whisky BUTTE – the worse kind.


  • White BUTTE – Just fine for some.


  • Windy BUTTE – Dangerous.


  • Youngman’s BUTTE – Hmm.
There are a few, and it is lame. I have the same, dumb reaction to each one. Definitely do not act my age on this one….

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