six moments

I read this book once that said there are six defining moments throughout your life that shape you into the person you have became and are going to be. There are days that are special, all for different reasons. None more important than the last. Each as life changing and defining as the next. As you grow older, new events will take the place of previous ones. They evolve as you do.

February 1, 2003. After being out all night with my BEST FRIEND, being stupid, I slunked into my Grandma’s house to get some sleep, and try not to puke. Word of advise: taking seven caffeine pills will NOT get you high. Will make you sick, puke and shake WIDE AWAKE, no matter the time. Usually when I got home, my Uncle Gary would ask me something. About the party, if I brought him any food, was Natasha coming over later. That night, he didn’t stir. Thought I was getting better at sneaking in. Hopped into my Granny’s recliner and kicked back. Lying there, I could see him. After watching for a few moments, I got back up to check on him. Shock him, his cold hand while saying his name. No response. Went to get my Grandma up, and she walked in to try. Realizing he was gone, she hit her life alert button while I went to wake my brother up in the other house. IT didn’t get better that day. Broken hearted, freaked out and sleep deprived.

March 3, 2006. Working hard, I was able to save enough for my own place. Looked all over town, finally found a place I loved. I BOUGHT a house, all alone.

September 10, 2007. After a rough summer, and lots of doctor visits it was discovered that Multiple Sclerosis was the problem. A turning point in my life, is just about everyway that you can imagine. It was at that point that I was a condition. I felt like at that point I lost my identity. A 26 year old woman, with a home of her own, great job and boys after boy perusing her.

April 1, 2010. After an short-ish engagement, I was lucky enough to marry my absolute favorite person, by far the best friend I have ever had. The kindest, sweetest, funniest man I know. With great compliments like ‘you’re as soft as a car’ or ‘you’re beautiful in the dark’, how could I not just fall head over heels?! Six years later, he still sweeps me off my feet on a daily basis.

December 7, 2010. Was taking a break at work, checking my Facebook like the responsible person that I was, I had my whole world shattered. My best friend’s brother posted that she had died. Overdosed. A week before her 26th birthday. Brokenhearted is just the beginning of the hurt. To say that I became a different person that day is an understatement. The week went down hill from there. Several days later, it was rough. Having a funeral at a bar when the person overdosed is tacky, but the real blow below the belt was that they poured out a dozen bottles of Jagermeister and divided her ashes up between the bottles. At that point, depending on how good of a friend you were, depended on how big the bottle of ashes you got. THEN the Jager that was poured out of the bottles was poured into shot glasses and passed them out to the crowd. Again, does not seem like the appreciate thing to do. That week changed me, inside. Deep, a place that I didn’t know.

January 6,2015. Somewhat of a new birthday for me. After nine months of hard work, countless doctor visits and a huge commitment; I went in for bariatric surgery. VSG or vertical sleeve gastrostomy to be more precise. Bright and early, headed to the hospital for a new me. Not better, just new and improved. The support of my incredible husband, great friends and one heck of a doctor, it was done. Because I had such a great surgeon, the experience was amazing.  The hardest part of this was getting my water down. I have worked on it. 16 months and 140lbs later, I am good. Completely different. Life has been wonderful. The Hubby is a year out, and 100lbs lighter as well. The 360 degree turn that our lives has made is for the better. Never thought for one moment did either of us think that this is where we would be. Good or bad, we are in this together. Sticking together.

Just a peek into me. Whether or not anyone knows, these are the pieces of the puzzle that make me the person that I am.

I know that there are moments in the future that will replace these memories. New pieces to this puzzle that makes me the beautiful, complicated woman that I am.

I can’t wait to see what’s next.


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