I am gonna tell you a story.

About a year ago, my cousin called. She has been my soul mate and best friend since birth. We have be inseparable forever. Her room mate was moving out and she needed my husband and I to move in. We loaded what we could in our car, drove 303 miles to help her. out.

IT has been interesting, moving to a new place. The only time that we saw her was in passing. Occasionally had a meal together. We split all the bills and I bought all the groceries. While my husband and the cousin worked, I did the cooking and cleaning. That was how I contributed.

This last Thursday night, she walked in at 9 pm and let me know that she was moving. Next weekend. She had found a new place. Shock was just the beginning of how I felt. Friday afternoon, she sent a text saying that the utilities will be transferred Sunday, so you need to call and put them in my name. I asked her if she gave 30 days notice, or if we needed to do so and her reply was ‘NAH, I broke like four things, so I am not getting my deposit back anyway.’ Huh?! Ok, can I get the information for the land lord? ‘Why would you need that?’ Uhh to talk to him, see what we can get figured out. At that point she walked away. Never got that information. Great.

I have to say, I am broken hearted. It was like I was dumped. I truly do not care that she found her own place. The way that she did it is the hard part. She is the other half of my brain. Dismissed like a dishtowel. Hurt beyond belief.

NOW I am starting to get angry. Why would any do it like that? Did she not have the guts to tell us that she wanted to move? OR that she was even looking?! Finding a place is not a easy thing to do. It takes at least a week to find a place, get approved and rent it. So for a few days she has known. I don’t care that she wanted to move. If you want to know the truth, we had been talking about finding one of our own.

Made a bunch of calls, went and looked around town. Talked to all that we could. Nothing was available. Few had a waiting list, but that would be a few months away. Paying the rent on the this place is out of our reach living here alone. Not to mention that I put the utilities in my name for 10 days. 10 DAYS?!

Stress eating, little sleep and mood swings are how this weekend has been.

We’ll see what next week brings ….


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