These last few weeks have been hell.

My Husbands step-mom died. Husband is heartbroken. Being that he just started back to work after being off a month, we were unable to go down. Makes it harder. Still do not know any details. Waiting is worse then knowing.

Did I mention that I have not felt well for the last few weeks? Being that the neurologist rescheduled my appointment until JULY, I have been freaking out. I was feeling like it was the start of a relapse. It has been years since I have had one. The thought of that caused me to stress, which caused my MS to go haywire. Had to see my PCP and she determined that it was just a nasty virus that was wrecking havoc on my body.

Rest, you’ll be fine.

What she doesn’t understand is that my legs are on fire. Hurt is an understatement. Burning doesn’t do it justice either. Eyes are going crazy, vision is all out of wack. Hands are not working, neither are legs. Feel like I have walked six miles without my walker or cane.  Bouncing off walls and tripping over air. Fun.

Enough crap. Fun story. Taking a shower tonight, hoping cleaning up will help. Water was a little warmer than normal because I was freezing. Snow is on it’s way again. Grr. Reach down to grab the shampoo and start scrubbing my hair.

‘This smells different …’

Look to see which shampoo I was using and SURPRISE!! It is my husbands body wash.

Shower fail.



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