I am free.

This year has been crazy. Can not say that it has been good or bad. Beyond interesting.

Here are a few examples:

– Husband had to have emergency surgery to remove his gallbladder. The doctor was amazing. Husband has been home for a month. This week he can go back.

– The husband and I have been going to a cooking class. It has been fun. Can not say anything about the recipes, because I have nothing admiration for the people who are teaching the class. FYI quesadillas made with cabbage, zucchini, corn, black beans and whole wheat tortillas are no bueno.

– I dropped my phone. Shattered the screen. Called to turn on my old phone, but apparently it is not allowed. Since my husband has not worked for the last month, putting out money on a non essential  seems silly. So, the screen of my has packing tape on it. Looks as cool as it sounds.

– There have been several arrested. All for stupid ideas. Kind of things that will follow a person for the rest of their lives. Not sure if or how to help.

– My neurologist called me last week to reschedule. Push it back to July. Huh?! Not sure how that works. THERE are questions. How my blood work looked. The changes that need to be made to a few prescriptions. That pseudo relaspe that a cold caused. I need to meet with him ASAP. Waiting four months to do so is unexpected. I will be calling about maybe getting in sooner. Like now.

This is just a quick look at this stage.



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