I am Hydrated

I have been fighting with the bathroom. Silly, I know.

One of the many perks of MS is bladder issues. There are good days and bad. Life with MS is like that regardless. Having WLS, one of the main things that is stressed is to stay hydrated. Drink your 60 to 80 ounces EVERY SINGLE DAY!! Get that with your protein. Be responsible with your tool!!

That sounded bad.

OHH and did I mention heat? I know you are thinking what does that have to do with hydration and stuff?! Nothing and everything. Before I even knew I had MS, I hated air blowing on me. I can not sleep without the fan on, but it has to be pointing away. Usually at the wall or floor. I know I am weird. In a car, the air is usually on defrost because it doesn’t blow directly on me. The bed and couch were all moved to keep the air off me.

This is going to get stranger. Grammar beware!! I have noticed a few weeks ago that when I head into the bathroom, day or night, it happens. The small bathroom is instantly a sauna. The heater kicks on and the temperature of the bathroom raised 10 degrees. EVERY SINGLE TIME!! I could walk in to brush my teeth and I have to open the door because the wicked hot air is blowing on me. I have tried timing it, waiting until the heater kicks off and heading in but it doesn’t work. I feel like this bathroom has it out for me.

Because of this, I tend to take a break from water. I give my bladder a break, my nerves a rest and my brain a …. I have no idea what. All I know is that there is a serious conspiracy theory going on in this house. I will occasionally close the vent, but it just whistles and then the bathroom is cold. Catch 22. PLUS being a female makes me difficult for no real reason.

So, drinking more water is good except for:

  • More trips to the bathroom.

  • Heater blowing on my every time.

  • Bladder issues, among others.

  • Moody woman.

I have nothing to really say about this. Just that I am crazy. There is a long list of things I am coo coo about and I might share with you. Not today, I need some sleep and the bathroom is calling me. Just a minute until the heater is done …



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