A Christmas Memory

Thinking back on some of my Christmas memories, one is my favorite.

Rewind back a thousand years, my sister was busy so I was with the kids.  Junior, Susi and I were getting ready for the big day. Cookies made, but what to feed the reindeer?! Simple. Reindeer food. We load up Sarah and head to the store.

Oatmeal. Check.
Glitter. Check.
Huge container. Check.

Maybe I should mention that we got a lot of glitter. Big kind, pixie dust and everything in between. Pour the whole container of oatmeal in the huge bowl and add ALL five bags of glitter. Shake. It’s nearly bedtime so it was time to get to work. Cookies, chicken and a beer for Santa (kids picked ALL of that), NOW for the reindeer. Walk out into the porch and they get to work. The whole patio, stairs, driveway, those kids used it all.

Easily six cups. Maybe more.

We wake up and yeah, Santa has been there. Gifts galore, even have snow!! This is where it gets fun. All of the reindeer food … All that oatmeal … INSTANT, we would soon find out … is not only frozen, it plumped up first. We walk out to a lumpy porch, white and fantastic. It was great. Not my house.

Can not tell you how long it took to remove the oatmeal and glitter never goes away. I’m Aunt Tiffany, what can you do about it?



Merry Christmas!





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