I am older.

You know, as far as birthdays go, this is a good one.

I was at the DMV less than half an hour from beginning to end. There was a fussy baby that instead of people getting annoyed, they played with him while Mom took care of business. There were two guys that were ga-ga for him. They talked to him, played with him and held him. Beyond sweet. Finally my turn, everything was going like clockwork. Verifying the details, address and such, when we get to the piece de resistance (I know that is super wrong, BUT stick with me) what is my weight? I proudly announce the true weight, having lost 130 pounds I feel like a bad ass. At that point she smiles at me and says “Good for you!” She has me step back, smile and goes “perfect.” Made me feel like I haven’t been over looked, that I have evolved into the woman I am supposed to be.

Hubby feed me subway and bought me the best gift: Minion footed pajamas. If you have any questions, or curiosity about such a great gift … Google it. I am yellow with overalls. One eye on the hood, middle of my forehead. Sounds kind of dirty when I describe it.

All I can do is smile. 35 IS something that I can rock. I will have a great year and I will stay strong.

I will be me. What is a better gift then that?



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