A Christmas Letter

2015 has been a year of change. Good and bad, we have embraced it and grown. Lets see, where to start. Moving across the state was … I don’t know the word. Area is great, drive to our hometown is long. Miss certain people and places more then others. Being up here, we are closer to some awesome people.

Like our Niece!! Since I gave her MS, it’s only fair that I get to play with her baby and talk to her as much as possible. She is a blessing, the hole clan is. We love them lots!

Then there is our Couple BFF’s! Best drinking buddies anyone can have (something like that!). I finally got to meet one of my Hubby’s imaginary friends. Casper is just plain fun. Hearing stories about Hubby in high school from an outside source makes it better. How the two of them survived I have no idea. Ironically enough, he ended up being my brother-in-laws cousin.

We celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary (6 years total) this year. Seems like it’s been so much longer, yet ten minutes at the same time. We partied like rock stars with left over chicken and crap tv. We’re a old married couple, we were in bed by 10:30pm.

I have developed a slight obsession with fingernail polish. I seem to collect it, and occasionally sweet talk Chris into paint my toenails. It must be the Asian part of his gene pool or Cele trained him well; either way he’s awesome at is.

Hubby has a job he loves. Who knew working at night with little human contact was where he would shine? I should also let you guys all know that Hubby has developed … a slight obsession with chapstick. Specifically the raspberry/lemonade one. There are two alone on his night stand. Casey is to blame for that one. She started it last December and it’s been down hill from there. The things he did for a Klondike bar don’t even come close to what he’d do for a chapstick.

He has also discovered that peanut butter flavored yogurt isn’t very good. On the plus side he has had several salads and no issues with produce flying into his eye. I can not say that there has not been any eye poking (self-induced usually), just that wasn’t often vegetables.

This summer we had an adventure. Hubby had his 25th high school reunion in August. Half way down the car said no way and we spent most of the week at the BIL(brother-in-law)’s. Three times they took it apart and put it back together and NAH. I will not tell you how much that bill ended up being at the mechanic! As much as I like BIL, it was this week that I fell in love with him (and his dog Jack). I had more fun with him than I did Hubby. Whatever.

Moving across the state meant that we had to drive a long way to see a doctor. The team of doctors we have started to establish up her is pretty darn good. Our standards are high, so we’ll see how they do. Hubby’s A1C has been fantastic. He has not had to take any diabetic medications for eight months. He started physical therapy this month to help with his back and is doing great. A few more weeks will let us know what the next step is.

I have started ANOTHER DMD (disease modifying drug) this year and it is working wonderfully. Side effects are none existent, which is a huge blessing. Those were almost worse that MS!? I even have energy (sometimes!) and have been reading a series of books by William … somebody. Problem is, I have been reading other books at the same time so the stories are mingling. I had ANOTHER sleep study. I have to say I hate those things. I am using this CPAP as much as possible, BUT I hate it. I will update you all on how far this goes.

Getting that phone call, letting us know that BIL was gone is one of those defining moments in life. The earth cracked and your world will never be the same. The shade of the sky just changed. I never want to see that look on Hubby’s face again. My … OUR hearts broke that day. Getting to see everyone made that rough week just a touch easier. We all hurt just as bad as the next.

Losing Uncle Truck Driver wasn’t much easier. Death is never easy, whether or not it’s was expected. Strangely enough, it was ying and yang with those two. Old and sick verses young and fun.

Moving on.

If you know me a little, you know that I love penguins, North Carolina and potatoes. You also know that I have any and all forms of beans and polar bears. Yes, Polar Bears. Good reasons too. They don’t even have white hair, they are brown. They are left handed and never get cold. I can go on all day. A couple of weeks ago Hubby came home from work and told me ‘don’t look in my coat pocket.’ ok. Next day, ‘while I am at work tonight, do not look under the bed on my side.’ ok. For the rest of the week  I was given messages like these. Finally there it a big box, wrapped in polar bear wrap with my name on it. Since then, it has been a guessing game. I have no idea what he got me, but I keep asking if it is _______? Usually it is something like a pony or new car. Stuff like that. He always says yes, no matter how crazy it is. He is not going to tell me even if I had it right. More than anything, I want to tear the paper up.  He told me today that I can open it if I want, to which I informed him that I would like to open my birthday present first, since the 22nd is first.

Just a piece of what is going on here. I am sorry I have been gone so long. Life kicked me down and I am fight hard to get back up!




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