Some people.

I’m not sure if I can keep this up.

A few weeks ago, my mom called and needed me to get to her house yesterday. Our Aunt, her favorite is sick. After some testing, they found cancer in her kidney and lungs. It is spreading, and tumors have formed on her brain. The woman is 86 years old. The doctors decided that radiation therapy was the way to go. We all do not feel the same way.

So, I packed in a hurry and hopped on the next bus out of town. 14 long hours later I am there. It was at that point I was informed that I was not going to see our Aunt, but I was going to be staying with my sisters kids.

At this point I think I will skip all the bitching. I am too tired for that. Fast forward two weeks and I am still here. Maybe if I show enough leg I can catch a ride with a truck driver to get out of this popsicle stand. Since I am cold, that is not an option. Monday I will be out of here.

Beyond drained. MS, stress and a serious lack of sleep do not mix.

I will share the highlight of this trip. Kids had a doctor appointment yesterday. Little man for a flu shot and the princess her boosters. Four total for her. So, little man was nervous. He is afraid of needles. When it was time for his shot he gets upset. They tell him that if he doesn’t hold still that the shot will have to be in the thigh or butt. The more upset he gets, the meaner his mother got. Yelling at a crying child will make it better. Jerk. She holds him down instead of letting him calm down. Made it worse.


So, now he is sobbing hysterically. My sister tells him to knock it off. They move him and head for the girl. Being the sweetest thing, she is sad because of the way her brother just got treated. All that means is now both are getting yelled at acting like children. Umm, they are. They give her four shots in her arm and walk out of the room. At that point I hold them both. Grab a cool cloth to help calm them down why mom checks out.

We all got Band-Aids after that appointment. While they will be OK, survive, I can’t say I will get over it as easily.


Hope life is better in your world. I am counting down the hours until I get to see my husband. Man, I sure do miss him.


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