All in a days work

Sitting here, listening to my niece read to me. Story about a gorilla and a baby elephant. The story has been interesting. Not bad, just some what deep for a elementary kid. She is working on becoming a great reader. I have to say that I love to see her read in her free time. All the things she can do on a Saturday morning, lying on the couch reading is her choice. Makes me proud.

I am laughing right now. Out of the mouth of babes. My niece is pretending to pull a scarf out of her mouth and I am pretending to be impressed.

‘WOW! I don’t know how you can do that. You must have a big mouth!’

At that point her little brother chimes in. ‘She doesn’t have a big mouth, she has a big throat!’

At that point I choked on my tea.

Later, that same little sassy man had more to say. After letting me know what his mom is doing and how much she needs to look for a husband, it was time to get serious. ‘Did you know that you don’t have to be married to have kids? Why don’t you have any?’ Umm. No comment. That was when my niece started with her two cents. ‘Everyone knows. I just read a book about puberty. The reason that Aunt Tiffany and Uncle C don’t have any kids is because they don’t make the sex. That is why I want to live with them.’

What is going on here?!

Since I am now traumatized, it’s time for a drink or two and bed.


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