I am pooped.

I OVER did it this week.

Let me back up. My sweet husband works graves. Being a good wife, I try to stay as quiet as possible during the day. SO, laundry and such is done in the evenings, usually after he’s left for work. It also means that my sleep schedule has gone straight to hades! If I am in bed and asleep before 2am is a early night. Hard to sleep without my man.

Well, he was lucky enough to get a weekend off. Luckily for me, that means I can do a few things that are hard to do at midnight. I did some deep cleaning.

Back up again, a few days ago I lost my glasses. My new, super cute ones. Make me look like a super model … or not as dorky. The red ones made me look like Sally Jessie Raphel. Not quite the look a girl is looking for. The ones before that were a combination of an owl and 80’s band geek. Again, not awesome. OR sexy. So, the new ones were not nerdy or dirty librarian. Sophisticated, yet approachable. Shops at Target kind of soccer mom. Bought a sweater set just to complete the look.

So I was in the zone. Cleaning the bedroom, strip the bedding and start doing laundry. Blankets, sheets, mattress pad, everything. Hours of cleaning. Flipped the mattress, vacuum, dust. Snack on some string cheese, and head back to work. Sorted all the dirty clothes, pack all the ones that don’t fit to donate (NOT dirty ones, others) and take a break until the stuff is dry. Make the bed with new, clean stuff. Even put a new sheet on the bed. All the blankets are folded and stacked at the foot of the bed. Wasn’t sure what ones I wanted on the bed, it’s been getting freezing cold at night. With my man working, all I have to keep me warm is socks.


Fast forward hours …. Cereal for dinner. Finally head to bed, dragging like you could not believe. Tomorrow is gonna be rough. Lying on the bed next to the hubby, we talk about important things like what to do for Halloween or how many times are they going to remake movies horribly because there is not an original idea any more. Reach down and grab some covers. All the blankets have somehow became knotted. I wasn’t a boy scout or a sailor so I have no idea how that happened or how to undo it. I was good at being a whiner female, so I did what was needed. I kicked the blankets from underneath until it flattened out enough to sleep under.

Tucking my feet under the blanket, getting cozy. Cuddled up next to the hubby and all of a sudden I notice something between my toes. Confused and concerned, I do some crazy Asian toe moves to grab it. I bought a new belt for the man and was thinking it was the tag off of it. Ok, so I grab the thing and lift it up to grab it and throw it away. Whatever it is. Reach down and I am confused.


Lift them up and they are the missing glasses, the Target shopping soccer mom all the women envy and the men lust after. I start laughing. I can not figure out how after three loads of laundry, washing, drying and folding the bedding I have somehow over looked glasses. New sheets on the bed, warm and clean blankets. Somehow glasses between my toes. Not sure if MS brain has gotten worse, if I was accidently high (do they make edible string cheese) or if the man was messing with me. Look at him, and he can not lie to save his life. While he is entertained, he is innocent.

So, this week has been draining. Laundry, deep cleaning and not just the bedroom. Yummy food and company. Glasses between my toes and biscuit and gravy potato chips. Lets see how the rest of the week goes …


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