Passion Tea, part 4

The funeral was beautiful.

Ended up returning that stuff we got at Kmart. Went to the mall, found a red tunic for Granny to wear with her white capris. Found a black and white dress that looks beautiful on me. My Uncles youngest grandchild preformed the ceremony. Beyond fantastic for a 17 year old. Wise beyond his years. Heartbreaking at the same time. Everyone made green chili. Everyone but me. I made a pasta salad and peach cobbler. No one touched either.

My cousin ended up being able to come down to the funeral, so I did not have to take the bus home.

Summer kept trucking along.

Now, the car. The leak was getting worse. Husband worked on it during his days off. Just got worse. Finally told him that we were going to have to take it to a mechanic. $30 bucks a week in oil is crazy. The money plus labor you have put into that thing is getting ridiculous. He agrees, unwillingly. Open the phone book, call a few shops and set up an appointment. Wake up early Thursday morning and head to the shop. After 45 minutes and nine phone calls, we leave. Head over to O’Reilly’s to grab some oil. While checking out, we ask the guys working there who they would recommend. They give us a short list. Call both. Jason is who answered. Made an appointment to meet the following day.

Husband sleeping, I head over. He checks out the car. Shouldn’t be too bad. A hour plus parts. $100 bucks max. GREAT!! Sit there and he goes to work. While I sit there, I notice the little restaurant across the street. Busy. So I ask him about them. He tells me that they sell 1000 breakfast burritos every day. At $2 bucks a piece, that’s pretty good. I had to agree. Thinking I have seven dollars in my pocket and that I haven’t eaten yet today, I walk over. A few minutes, two burritos and $4.23 later, I walk back. Luckily

‘I have some good news and some bad. Got the part off, unfortunately it is not where the leak is. Man talk, big mechanic words and a punch to the gut. It will take a few days and cost about $600.’

Through the pain, I agree. He is willing to let me make payments. Bring it back Monday, it’ll be done Wednesday. Super. That was two weeks ago. Come to find out that the serpentine belt installed crooked, rubbing on the oil pump wearing a hole in it. The pump, belt, gaskets, spark plugs, etc …. needed to be replaced. That just doubled the cost. Ouch.

So, as September was starting, after lots of doctor appointments, my Mom has finally found out what is wrong her. Definitely not a ear infection. MRIs, CAT scans and lots of blood work show it’s much worse. CML or Chronic myelogenous leukemia. Luckily they caught it in the early stages. Regular blood work and a pill form of chemo. Its a good kind to have, most people live at least five years after diagnosis. Just this daily pill until that point.

I forgot to mention, my mother has been planning to move to Arizona for three years now. Was packed, was at the end of the lease. Now, plans have definitely changed. I can honestly say that I have no idea what to say or do. The way life changes, it’s a mystery. My oldest sister asked if it was genetic. Older brother wants her to get a medical marijuana card. So she can get relief from the chemo. If it doesn’t work, the pot, that she can give it to him. And my youngest sibling? She wants our Mom to co-sign a car for her.

Like she doesn’t have enough on her plate.

I feel like I have given you all a little piece of the pie that is my life, and is what this summer has looked like. There was good stuff, I promise. Got quality time with my Grandma during her 80th birthday and just because. Took my husband shopping for new clothes after a really long time, and some serious weight loss. Went from a 44 inch waist to a 28 inch waist. He’s getting a little out of control. Staring at himself in the mirror, licking his fingers to fix his eyebrow … that kind of stuff. Makes me smile.  He doesn’t stare at the ground anymore. When he’s walking, he makes eye contact. Even talks to strangers. Has a little strut even.

Man, I love that man.


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