Passion Tea, part 2

OK, now that we covered the first weekend, it is time to jump feet first into the rest.

Now, a few weeks before the party my Mom was sent to North Dakota for work. She was not happy about it, but like the rest of us, she had a price. On her third day there, she got sick. Passed out at work, taken to the hospital. After a few test, they decided that she had an ear infection. A bunch of antibiotics later, she was sent home. Well, back to the hotel. Luckily she was in a small town. The employees took good care of her. Two weeks later, she was home. We’ll get back to this in a bit.

Summer is moving right along.

Since my husband has had his weight loss surgery, one of the things that he has been looking forward to was his 25th high school reunion. The amount of time, sweat and tears that he has put in has been amazing. The week we were headed out of town, he was 40 pounds smaller than the day he graduated. The pride on his face is something I will never forget.

So, we have a week planned. First day, head to my mom’s it spend two nights and get some family time in. Then head to the reunion, spend two nights, back to Grandma’s for two nights before heading home. Had new tires, a tune up and a oil change. We were ready!!

We get up Wednesday morning, grab some coffee and hit the road. We were making great time. Even stopped and had a great lunch. Make it to my sister’s house early. Load up the kids, pull out of the drive way and get back on the road. Make it about two blocks and a buzzer goes off. The check oil light is blinking.


Pull into the first gas station and check the oil. None. Completely empty. Baffled. Pissed. Hungry. Four quarts of oil and some chips, we head to my mom’s. The next morning, hubby takes the kids swimming and I head to Walmart. Tell them we had a oil change yesterday and now we have none.

I have to say, the men that I had to deal with that day were beyond wonderful. After looking at the car, they let me know what the problem was. Upper gasket was warped. Unfortunately, they could not repair it. The manager called every shop in town. It would be atleast a week before I could get into a mechanic. Crap. He gave me all the numbers he called, filled the oil, comped a five quart bottle of oil and a funnel. Wish I knew his name. I am incredibly grateful and eternally in his debt.

A little down, I head back to the house. Grabbed lunch. Turkey sandwiches, Cheetos and Gatorade. Head to the pool, let the hubby know what is wrong with it, and spend the rest of the day having fun.

Next morning, we get ready to leave and we walk outside, my sister is trying to change her tire. Long story short, the key to remove the spare is missing and she needed help. An hour and $20 later, it was fixed and we were on our way. Before we left, our sweet niece gave my husband a thank you note. “Thank you for taking us swimming. I don’t have time to write more right now. Love, H.” Being the English nerd that I am, it made me laugh, and incredibly proud that she used the right writes\rights.

During the short drive to my in-laws, we discussed what to do. At this point of the trip, we were right smack in the middle. To continue on to the reunion was the same mileage as turning around and heading home. Depending on how bad it looks will determine what direction to go. As soon as we pull up to the house, my brother in law heads out and under the car.

In that short drive we lost over three quarts. Double crap.

We load into my mother in laws car and head to the parts store. They didn’t have the gasket, but if we need it then we can order it. It’ll be here by 8am. Not that there was a choice, $60 bucks later we leave. Again, lots happened during the next few days. Hours of labor, along with a missed reunion, we were no where. Still leaking.

As we were trying to figure out what to do, I got a call. Grandma. She wanted to let me know about Uncle Mike. He had been staying in a nursing home. Kidneys were failing. He formed gang green in his scrotum. When his nurse checked on him this morning, he was unresponsive. After 45 minutes of recitation, he passed away. He will be cremated. On Saturday his daughter will bring the ashes to have the service and will take them home and bury them with his wifes.

Another long conversation with the hubby. He was going to have to head home. I’d stay with Grandma and take the bus home in a week. I make sure that the car is packed and full of gas and oil. During the trip we had a couple of issues with our new bank cards. Because of this, I handed him two checks. I had travelers checks just in case. Hug, kiss and he was off.

To be continued …


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