Passion Tea, part 1

It has been a long, yet quick summer. Seems like yesterday it started, and now it is over.

The only thing I really know is that I have felt just about every emotion. Good, bad and everything in between.

I got the privilege of being able to go to my grandma’s 80th birthday party. Where to begin. The festivities were spread out over a three day weekend.

Friday night we had a barbeque. I have a developmentally disabled uncle that is not comfortable around children. Being that my grandma had six children, 19 grandchildren and over 40 great-grandchildren; it would be difficult to keep them away. Needless to say, the evening was interesting. Way too much drinking for a birthday celebration. My Grandma’s youngest got smashed, stole her car and disappeared. She showed up hours later at my oldest nephews, booze in hand. Luckily no one was killed that night.

Next morning, my Uncle had to go get Grandma for her party. Because of all the small children, we reserved the park. Being June, we assumed it would be warm. We were wrong. Rained for a while, then the wind started. It was cold! Yummy food and amazing cupcakes.

Let me tell you about the cupcakes. They were mini cupcakes. Five amazing flavors: Pina Colada, Root beer float, Pink champagne, Triple Chocolate, Peanut butter & jelly and Margarita. More than one was eaten. No shame OR guilt.

All in all, great day. Drunk (hungover) Aunt showed up, in a bad mood. Was totally an asshole to everyone. We didn’t care. She did take Grandma home. Super nice of her.

I got some quality time in with my youngest niece and nephews. While my sister was getting her eyebrows waxed, we were discussing the pros and cons of stealing the car and going to Vegas. I asked if any of them were good at math. Yea, the oldest. OK, can any of you sing and dance?? Yes, the middle. Great. I turned to the little one and asked if he was any good at bluffing. He says no.

A few minutes later, the little one tells me a story. “At school I was chewing gum and a kid asked if I had any more. I said no. But I was totally lying. I had a whole full pack, he didn’t even know I was lying!!” I tell him that is good enough for Vegas, here we go!! Let your Mom know, and we’re off! Needless to say, Mom said no. Bummer.

Sunday was a brunch where Grandma lived for the out of towners and her homies.

As you can probably tell, this is just the tip of the iceberg. I will post more tomorrow.


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