Red Pepper Hummus

I am starting to act like a teenager. Being immature and irresponsible. I figured with how interesting this summer has been, it’s more of a now or never kind of situation. I am tired of being the positive, upbeat, fun and strong one. I want to have bad days. So, in my stupidity I have a story.

I have refused to smoke my whole life. I said for years that the only way I was going to try any drug is if it came in a chewing gum form. Smoking was out, as were needles. Fast forward a few years, and I am better with needles. When the first thing you have to do after getting kicked in the face with news like ‘you have MS’ is to start giving yourself shots to keep it at bay, it is a shock to your system. Most of 2007 was a shock to my … everything. Can not say the following year was much better. Not the point.

Fast forward … 2015. Pot is now legal in Colorado. AND I can chew it. There are many different forms of THC and options like you can not believe.

Being the responsible adult that I am, and having a rough time with this med I decided to bite the bullet and try some. See if it helps with the MS at all. We go to the dispensary and get some hard candies. They are recommended for MS and will help you get some sleep. Sounds great.

Being that I have never done anything like this, I was beyond cautious. I ate a quarter of a candy. Nothing. So the next day, I ate half of it. Nope. Fine, I see how this is. Well, crap. Saturday night rolls around and I think, ‘screw this.’ There was two left, stuck together. Nothing happened before, why not. Maybe I will pass out. Fingers crossed.

Sitting on the couch, finished dinner and I was getting ready to take my evening meds. That was when I started to feel the candy kick in. Something Steve Harvey said on TV was way funnier then it should of been. I forgot how to talk. Laughing and talking was not something I could do at the same time. Just made me laugh harder.

My husband, being supportive and following suit with taking two candies, is now starting to feel it too. I have no idea how he managed to get his phone out, let along start recording me. I was impressed.

BUT this is when it started getting interesting. I have high, can not stop laughing and all of a sudden I feel hot. Like a fever, then all over. CRAP! I am flushing. I am itching, burning and laughing. Hives are running down my arms, and I can’t breathe. I am in disbelief that this is happening. So much for helping with the MS. I can not talk to even say anything about this. Just laugh.

That was the point in the evening that my nose dripped onto my foot. Cold, gross and funny. I can not ask for a tissue. All I can do is watch it run onto my feet, legs and the floor. This is so gross. Not sure what’s going on, when I notice that my leg is flushing. Just one of them. The left leg is bright red and on fire. I ask the husband if I am seeing things, but he’s no help.

The munchies have set in, and he’s in the fridge looking. Come back ten minutes later with whole wheat crackers with red pepper hummus, cantaloupe and pepper on them. IT was tasty.

Back to the trip.

I am sitting on the couch, half red. Covered in hives. Nose running down my leg, on to the floor. I am itching like crazy with hives and hair all over me. I have hummus in my hair, cantaloupe in my bra and a stoned husband trying to work the TV. Can not say this is the dumbest thing I have ever done, not by a long shot. Chris phone 080See … side effects won’t keep me from smiling!!

SO, in conclusion, it didn’t not help with the MS, side effects or symptoms. It was an expensive piece of horrible candy. Will keep my money and rely on my friends, family and personality to keep moving forward on this horrible train ride. Life is not always easy, and it is just one of the facts of life. I will get more into that in the future, but for now all I have to say is live life. Love with all you are and enjoy every moment. It is too short of a trip to do anything else!


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