The never ending list …


Tomorrow we leave on vacation. Headed to my hubby’s 25th high school reunion, among a few other stops. Barely slept last night thinking of all the things that need to be done before we can leave.

Worse part is that no matter what I get done on the list, at least three more items are added.

This is making me crazy!!

I feel like I need to check my bags, just to make sure things like socks and tooth brushes are packed. Sure they are, but at the same time not really. Wish I could blame the MS for it, but I just have had so much to do this week I have no idea.

The fantastic dinner I made last night? Hot dogs and mac and cheese. Gourmet. Pathetic. No one complained, but I think that it was in fear that they ate that meal. I am better then that. I will try harder next week, when were are home.


Laundry smells amazing. One more checked off my list! The list is getting shorter!! I AM AMAZINGCRAP! Need to pack the car …. never mind.

Looks like left over hot dogs tonight …


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