100 pounds and 100 reasons.

 This week, I had my six month check up, and not only did I reach my goal weight (the one they set, not me!) I also hit the 100lbs lost mark. In celebration of such a huge milestone, I thought I would share 100 things that have changed in the last six months.
  1. I have a lot more motivation.
  2. I can do things I never could before. like yoga.
  3. I sleep much better.
  4. I can walk toe to toe. (it’s awesome)
  5. It surprises me how clothes fit now. What’s tight and loose.
  6. I can fit into a plastic lawn chair (without fear).
  7. I shaved my legs (without having to sit in the tub)!!
  8. It takes hours to finish a Protein shake or bar. It’s just too much for one sitting.
  9. I love the way I look in JEANS!!
  10. I was 16 the last time I wore this size.
  11. I take up less space on the couch.
  12. I keep discovering thing about me that I didn’t know. Like my collar bone. where’d that come from?!
  13. I can touch my toes.
  14. The steering wheel doesn’t touch my stomach anymore.
  15. I can walk longer and farther (when my MS allows)
  16. The amount of energy I have on a daily basis is AMAZING!
  17. Half a jello cup FILLS ME UP!
  18. I fit in a bathtub!!
  19. I accidently crossed my legs for the first time … ever … and it was amazing!!
  20. It’s strange, having a stomach the size of an egg that I can hardly finish ONE!
  21. I can wear a watch without an extended band.
  22. Being sore from working out.
  23. I have a closet full of clothes, either too big or too small.
  24. NEEDING a smaller wedding ring! (YAH and BOO)
  25. I am sure this is TMI, BUT not having to get up to pee in the middle of the night!!
  26. My feet are smaller. Down a size and a half, and no longer wide needed!
  27. I have even legs!! Tapers like they should!!
  28. I can sleep on my stomach!
  29. Spending more time on the move, less time sitting.
  30. I … LOVE making out with my husband now!!
  31. I have no problem wearing my swimming suit in public.
  32. I love seeing muscles I didn’t know I had!
  33. I love trying on clothes that are a smaller size and I don’t have to struggle to button them!!
  34. Most protein shakes taste the same.
  35. Wrapping a regular towel around me.
  36. A daily walk to get the mail is no longer a chore.
  37. It is easier to find a vein now at the doctor.
  38. Sitting straight up in bed without help.
  39. I am flying high now … with my bingo wings!
  40. The need for specialty stores, sizes or made clothing is a thing of the past!! LOOK OUT MALL!!
  41. I still do not recognize myself … in pictures OR the mirror.
  42. I don’t love what people say to me. How is losing weight making me beautiful?! My face is the same.
  43. My husband takes up more of the bed then I do.
  44. I was a freshman last time I weighed this much!
  45. Instead of staying home, I want to see the world.
  46. I fit in a seat belt much better.
  47. It’s nice not being so much heavier then my husband.
  48. Seeing my HIP BONES!
  49. Hearing my Neurologist say how GREAT I am doing!!
  50. There is a lot more room on the bed.
  51. My knees are knobby!
  52. NEW GOALS include jealousy and envy by all exes!!
  53. It is much easier to support myself with my cane/walker now.
  54. Finding new, fun activities to do with my friends that are NOT food related.
  55. I have a whole new group, WLS people!!
  56. Buying groceries is a different experience. Smaller quantity, higher quality.
  57. Taking the trash out is awesome!! I know, weird, but lifting it out and carrying it is easier now.
  58. I can ride a bike!!
  59. Not taking all those meds(REPLACED BY BOAT LOADS OF VITAMINS!!).
  60. Going from being an ‘apple’, to a ‘pear’ … to an HOUR GLASS!! (no longer shapes like fruit!!)
  61. Trying to get in 600, let alone 1000 calories a day is hard work!
  62. Super looking forward to renewing my license this year. NEW PIC & WEIGHT!
  63. I laugh a lot more!
  64. After years of being the FAT SISTER, I am now the SMALLEST!!
  65. I don’t crave foods anymore.
  66. My husband can wrap his arms COMPLETELY around me!!
  67. I have had to get my glasses readjusted three times just make sure they stay on.
  68. People don’t recognize me anymore. That’s good & bad.
  69. Fitting into a booth.
  70. My confidence level has gone down. I don’t know how to feel or act at this size.
  71. It always surprises me what I can actually eat off my plate, which isn’t much anymore.
  72. Having less ‘insolation’ has cause me to get cold easily and often.
  73. I hating being in the car too long. No more padding on my tailbone.
  74. I have too many pairs of underwear that are ‘saggy’.
  75. Water in my new best friend.
  76. I don’t hate doing chores anymore.
  77. I can lay in bed, on my back and see my feet!!
  78. In the morning, I am excited to get up. Nothing hurts!
  79. I see people now, and think about how much a WLS would benefit their lives.(like my own and others!)
  80. My body is more of a soft dough, less like a solid jello jiggler.
  81. I have new dreams, things I want to achieve and do. Stuff I never considered before.
  82. I have shoulder blades!!
  83. Looking forward to renewing my wedding vows, just for the PICTURES!!
  84. I have not given up my favorite shirt, no matter how big.
  85. I haven’t had a soda since Christmas.
  86. Going anywhere has a new set of concerns and worries.
  87. I kinda of love the sun now. Heat isn’t bothering me as much, MS or not!
  88. Dance classes are in the future. My hips don’t lie.
  89. I am looking forward to having a family now.
  90. I have extra space in my bras now. Guess I can start carrying groceries in there, or laundry.
  91. There is a new found romance in my life, and I like it.
  92. I LOVE that we have found activities that are not food related.
  93. I am BEYOND excited the future!
  94. Having surgery has changed more than my digestive system.
  95. I get called things like ‘skinny mini’.
  96. This is a year of change for us, and I LOVE every minute of it.
  97. Getting on the scale isn’t a chore, it’s an adventure.
  98. Cooking is a whole new challenge.
  99. I wish I had done this sooner!
  100. That I am that much closer to my goal!!
There it is, guys. If I wasn’t so sick right now this would of been a longer post …

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