Life in the flat lands.

I feel like it’s been a long time since I shared something of value with my internet family. Let’s see, where to start.

Since January, life has been cray cray. Yes, I said that. In the last six months, I have lost over 70 lbs. MAKING MY TOTAL for this year 100 lbs!!! It is surreal. I don’t know how to act. I weight this much in the 7th grade. Pants keep getting smaller, tops really small. I went from a 26/28 (3X) to a Large/ X large. My chest has nearly disappeared.  Husband is thinking it is going to come back. I am not so sure.

Recently moved to a new town across the state. It is strange not seeing mountains when you are outside. For as long as I can remember, you knew what direction you were facing by what mountain was in sight. West: Dinosaur National Monument. East: Grand Mesa. North: Mount Garfield. South: West Virginia. OK, that’s not really the name of them, but they are scary. Here, it’s flat. LOTS of clouds, rain and warnings. There is an awesome rec center, who needs mountains.

Learned how to cook with Curry. Still on the fence about it. Got this ridiculously awesome new purse. Hubby says it looks like I got a saddle bag in Tijuana. He’s being mean about it. Painted my nails, only ended up with polish on one knee, 18 nails and one chair. Hubs says they are avocado. Hmm.

My Husband had his weight loss surgery March 31(RNY). As to date, he has lost over 50 pounds. As amazing as that is, he is no longer on any diabetic medicines. Since his surgery, his blood sugars have leveled out at 88. With all the pills and shots he was doing daily, this is a huge thing. He has started a new job. Working nights. He is liking it, so far. Getting used to working a grave is hard. What is harder is trying to sleep without my husband. I can’t say it’s getting easier. While getting used to having him gone at night, I have been watching A LOT of movies. This weekend I have watched The Kingsmen, DUFF, Get Hard and Pitch Perfect 2. Can not forget the many episodes of Boardwalk Empire, The Bachelorette and Wayward Pines. BUT today, we were wild and crazy and bought a new bed!! YEAH. I get it all to myself (tear).

Talked to my favorite person, Tabitha, at my favorite Doctors office. Most recent MRI came back great. I am conflicted about it. I am happy that I doing well on this MS med, but I HATE IT!! The side effects are not joke. BUT I have great news! It has given me SUPER POWERS!!

Not a girl, not a flower, it’s MS LADY!! LOOK! Her skin is nearly translucent she’s so white, but in the inner super pills activate and BAM! At 10pm, while inside the house she GETS A SUNBURN! Turns bright red and radiates HEAT! Soon, she starts itching uncontrollably! Like 10,000 red ants are attacking. BUT DON’T WORRY. Within minutes, her nose will start running UNCONTROLLABLY! Dripping onto the floor, tables, newspaper, her ant bite, you name it. TAGGED! BAM! Then her hair starts falling out, covering the ant bites and instead of soothing them, it makes them even crazier. Twitching and scratching, forming a hair shell over them.

You won’t miss it, twice a day I repeat the show. :::tear::: Chicks dig it.

OH, back to my hubby. He has a new body wash/spray that is AMAZING! Like what I imaging Shemar Moore’s abs to smell like. Heavenly. As if you didn’t notice, I am a fan (of Shemar and the new body spray). BY FAR my favorite smelling stuff he has owned (including Chocolate Macadamia Kona Coffee).

Don’t judge.

AND back to me. I nearly forgot to tell you all how incredibly graceful I am. Simply walked outside to check the mail. NOTHING major. BUT during that simple process of opening a screen door I managed to SPRAIN my shoulder. You read that right. I have a severe sprain from the front near my armpit all the way around my left shoulder blade to the back near my ribs. PAINFUL like you could not imagine. I have a cool shoulder / arm sling and 15 whole pain pills. I was informed that it will take at least 12 weeks to heal, and at least three to six weeks for the bruises to surface as they are DEEP.

SO, to sum up life. Husband smells good at night while working, I am rocking a sunburn at night with a sling on while my nose RUNS. Life is good, at least until those 15 pills run out.

At this rate, it won’t take long …

me, turning red


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