I had a good day.

I had a good day. As silly as that sounds, I haven’t had a lot of those lately.
This year has been full of tribulations like you would not believe. It has tested my love, faith and heart on just about every matter that it could. Strength is something I have always felt like I had, and now I truly know what it feels like to be strong. I know these are vague statements, and I will get more into this in a few.
I tell people all the time, if  you don’t like it, fix it, move on and get over it. Tomorrow is coming either way, and you sitting there dreading and pouting are gonna do anything. Example. Not that long, but forever it seems, my world was rocked. A disease to take my by surprise, kick me in the knee and laugh at me. MS is not a fun one, but I accepted it was now part of who I was, and moved forward. Became one of the top 100 fundraisers in the state, joined every association I could, read more books and more than I had in years. I wanted to be as educated as possible.
I joined an art group of MS …. participants, I guess it a polite way of putting it. I felt like a baby, new to this MS world, and without this group I have no idea what I would of done. I had a focus in life, one that was gone for quite a while. Gained great friends, had experiences that were both good and bad, and this was my new life. A volunteer, warrior, inspiration. Seeing so many that were younger than me, seeing how hard it could and can be, was a huge wake up call for me.
Then came a new chapter in my life. I went to this conference my dear friend insisted I attend. ‘It’ll change your life!’ Wouldn’t you know it, it did. Came home with great stories, incredible memories and a bright future ahead. I had started a new MS drug, Tysabri, and it had given me back my health (so to speak). I went from barely being able to walk without assistance and feeding my self to working THREE jobs in a matter of months. Once a month, for a couple hours, I sat in a chair receiving this magical juice. Got up, went back to being a productive member of society. Had a wonderful life, great jobs and life.
Finally got the neighbors son to talk to me. For four years, she had been telling me about his 40 year old virgin son, that might be gay. He loves kids, so you guys would be perfect together. He wasn’t 40 (a mother really should know the age of her baby) and he is NOT gay. One things she was right about was that we are perfect together. I was happy. Soon we were married (that’s a whole other oprah, the wedding, to be saved for a later date), and life was good.
As is the roller coaster of life, what goes up MUST come down.
So, after stopping Tysabri for a few good reasons, it’s been crazy trying to find a new med that works for me. I can say that EVERYTIME I have had to take a round of steroids, it makes me happy. FOR SO MANY REASONS!! For one, I have this incredible amount of energy, something is not everyday with this disease. OHH, and I talk A LOT! My word quota for the day quadruples. It stops the relapse, helps with the healing process and slows scarring down. Did I mention how much I like them?! You have no idea how much a girl can say in a day, especially while doing laundry, vacuuming, dying my hair, painting the kitchen, bathroom, patio and my nails.
The current med is ok. Can’t say one way or another how well it’s working, but I just take it one day at a time. I have an incredible medical team, and trust them completely. I love that. Not gonna lie, it makes me feel even older saying things like that. Oh well.
I skipped over some stuff, and you’ll hear about it some day. I got lots to say, even without the ‘roids. Just know that life has been good lately.
Back to my good day. I have been asked to sit on a medical board because of my experience and knowledge. Incredibly excited for that. I have made new friends in a different area. MS is a part of me, but I ‘don’t want it defining me. There is so much more to me. Well, as funny as that last statement is, it’s the following that makes me giggle. I have been lost 30 lbs, and its freaking fantastic. Anything to make it easier, but honestly I just wanna look good at my sisters wedding. However the motivation shows, right?!
Last, but far from least, I laughed today. HARD. My Mom was talking, and the following statement left her mouth.
‘T, I can ride you to the BBQ, but I will not ride you back. I don’t care if the guys ride their wives and girlfriends all over the place, I’m not riding you any further than I have to.’
PS I haven’t been a good as I should be, posting. A few weeks ago, I worked on this amazing post for HOURS, and it just disappeared. Not gonna lie, it pissed me off. So to teach it a lesson, I stayed away.  I’m sorry I took it out on all of you guys.

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