about Natasha

I keep thinking back, about where I was during 9/11. One thing keeps popping up. The evening before.

Let’s first start describing Natasha. In one word, she was fun. Having known her since the third grade, probably sooner if I think about it. The point is that she has always been a part of my life. A better friend than I could ever ask for, it was just as if we were one. Sure, that doesn’t always make any sense, but it was as if my left arm was missing when she wasn’t around.

More than one adventure began with her great smile, devilish giggle and a full tank of gas.

Back to that night, after getting off work, we loaded into her black Avenger and started towards North Avenue. It was the coolest car on the coolest strip of town. Not that it was much, four mile long with a walmart at each end. Four lanes, 35 mph and way too many open parking lots. In small town, USA; this is what we had.

First stop, Hastings’ parking lot. Same two white trucks (still there today), with the same older guys (way too willing to buy alcohol). A group was starting to form. Lance’s white eclipse, Seth’s … whatever it was. Cool car, just don’t remember. Cody’s blue suburban, full of peeps.

It has taken a year to spit that much out. A memory, among so many others, that has been forever there. It will always be. Someday, the rest of this story will be shared. And like the rest of the day, Natasha will never be forgotten.


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